Community practice
Dr. med. Wiltrud Bauer & Dr. med. Herbert Bauer

General medicine and Internal medicine


Individual health services

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine examination and certification
Sports medicine screening, sports fitness tests
Suitability tests (for example, for travel, airworthiness, diving)
Diverportal examination, including pulmonary function test as well as an appropriate certificate according to international standards

Rice medication and vaccination

Rice-medication, including vaccination counseling and veterinary vaccination. A tropical and rice medication consultation is made according to the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Services to increase well-being and performance

If desired, we administer vitamin and mineral build-up preparations, which specifically counteract aging phenomena, weakness or fatigue states. They serve to build, strengthen and regenerate the whole organism as well as to convalescence (recovery).


Self-care therapy is a classical naturopathic procedure. In this case freshly removed venous blood is injected into a muscle. This artificially produced bruise must be removed from the body. In this way, the immune system is stimulated and the immune system is strengthened. At the same time, disturbances of self-regeneration can be successfully treated, for example, with allergies, infections or neurodermatitis.
The injections are generally carried out 1-3 times weekly in a period of 4-8 weeks. For the prevention of allergies (e.g., hay fever), the self-treatment of the blood should begin as soon as possible before the presumed allergen exposure.

We offer so-called "Individual Health Services" (IGeL) beyond our general medical spectrum. These are medically meaningful and useful services, which, however, are generally not covered by the statutory health insurance funds. They are therefore payable for legally insured persons. As a private patient, please check with your private health insurance which individual health care services you are reimbursed.